MEET MOOSH: the donkey who's not just a favourite, but a legit legend in our lives. He is the very definition of brains and wit. With a personality that's equal parts suave and slapstick, Moosh keeps us entertained and on our toes.

He's the kind of donkey who wears sophistication like a tailored suit, a proper gentleman who doesn't mind indulging in a little playful mischief on the side.

Moosh's lifestyle is a whirlwind of fun and frolics, but don't be fooled – when it's time to get down to "MOOSH business," he's all ears, laser-focused, and serious.

Whether he's charming us with his antics or showing us how to strut through life with style, Moosh is the donkey we didn't know we needed – and now we can't imagine life without his hoof-tapping brilliance.